Pimp C – influential producers in southern rap

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Hit Songs: “Ridin’ Dirty,” “One Day,” “Quit Hatin’ the South”

Mike Dean and Pimp C are arguably the two most influential producers in southern rap. The latter is massively underrated. While it’s sometimes unclear who did what on UGK’s masterful records (Bun B shares production credits on many songs), Pimp is credited on almost every UGK song. He definitely added musicality to the group’s cannon, blending live instrumentation with his and Bun’s Texas twang.

At his best, Pimp tapped sun-dampened samples to create what he dubbed “country rap.” I love the way he interlocked dark melodies with a slab of soul on “One Day,” the minimalist bounce of “Murder,” and the skeletal funk of “Pocket Full of Stones.”

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